Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Upping the miles

Upping the miles and efforts now as part of gradually increasing output in prep for this Year's TransWales.

Didn't hit anything like the miles I'd planned to in May. June should top out at around 400 miles (after the odd holiday and eating/socialising too much) so not too bad, but not quite where I wanted to be.
July really have to push it. Will need some good 40, 50, 60 mile rides on 3 consecutive days (supplemented with some sprint days and rest days). AND have to get some 'proper' (with respect to distance and climbing and offroad) riding in with you guys. You have to make me do a MINIMUM of two peaks rides with you in July or I'm shooting myself in the foot really.

Knees have been and are still a worry, so I'm not putting them under too much load where possible. Taking new joint supplement is also helping (even if it's only placebo, it works for me).
Back is holding up ok for now...but hard off road would soon make a mess of it I reckon.

So at this point I'm all on track-ish. Just need to make sure July goes to plan and then I can start tapering down to the TransWales which starts Sat 16th if August...I think :)
And need to keep an eye on overtraining...so easy to get carried away and do too much and before you know it, you're knackered for a few days a need a week off.

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  1. I wouldn't tapper off too much. Just some nice rides to keep you spinning.

    No drinking.