Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Day 5 - Telski

Day 5 - Telski
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Rest day, sort of.

Thought you might like to see Terry and Carol's place ...
Going to Chamonix to on GSs today.


  1. You're either not riding that much or are eating load as you still look fat - your eyes are also still old and wrinkly.

    Jenn Hopkins is currently blowing the ladies and singlespeed records out of the water in the Great Divide Race. Fair play to her - amazing stuff.

    I'm getting a fair few miles in and looking forward to you getting back so you can drag me around some decent climbs and proper off road.

    Keep enjoying it.


  2. But i'm murdering the hills here. How's the flat hills trans prep?

  3. I'm spoofing hills by pushing harder gears :)

    And hitting that evil (though admittedly much shorter than Alps and Wales...) hill out of Barketsone-le-vale and up to the airfield not far from mine.

    Better than nothing.

    You should be 'murdering' TW with me in August....