Monday, 9 March 2009

Scotland - Kirroughtree

Okay I know it's not the most interesting pic, but i did ride the red route at Kirroughtree - amidst bouts of walking and eating.

I've ridden the black and red before; on the red something like 75% singletrack 350m of climbing. Virtually all of its 17km is properly surfaced and built to last with some very tricky rockery to ride.

Did it in 1hr 10mins, in quite wet weather Sat - late afternoon. A good local time is 1hr and I can see that being done easily - I asked about the best time and there is a Scottish Champion who trains there .... 42 mins apparently. Gulp.

There is a bike shop and cafe there too. I'm lucky enough to D&B&B in the actual forest which makes a fantastic base for walking and cycling.

The weather was pretty good on the whole with a fair bit of rain on Saturday and sunshine on the Sunday - makes the A1-A66-M6-A75 250 miles 4.5hr worth every penny - and it's a nice drive up. Hit a blizzard on the A66 coming home, as we were climbing the A66 it came down to little visability and settling snow but I could've managed with my CRV picnic table in the boot.

Work checking out nofussevents for some 10hr enduros during the summer including Kirroughtree park.

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  1. Looks good. I need to get me some scottish action at some point.