Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Kielder 100 the aftermath ...

It might be prudent to read the race report from singletrack world.


My favourite line out of the report "One guy who’d given it his all to get to the first cut off said he was close to tears after missing it by only five minutes." Defo abbot.

A good ride, very tough. I came in at 13.5hrs which was plodding, but never got into my stride. Tom made a good ride too of 42 miles. You have to understand these miles were worth double local miles.

The organisation was fantastic, with some very remote marshalling and great way-marking. The highlight was riding over the border to the piper in the mist.

Pics. www.kielder100-pictures.com/Kielder_100/Welcome.html

Picture of me: www.kielder100-pictures.com/Kielder_100/P3.html#6


  1. Congratulations on the big 100. - I was far too much of a wimp to even think about entering.

    Do the PitBikes regularly ride in the peaks? I'm trying to find a MTB club that rides there.

  2. I loved it, it was a stunning event.

    Disappointment with my mediocre performance subsided when I realised less than half the entrants finished it.

    Amazing scenery. The climing didn't look brutal, but I guess the amount we did in the (almost) first half that I completed, kinda snuck up on me.

    When i decided to ditch, I was weary, with nothing at all left in the tank. If there had been anything left,I'd have plodded on. But it was clear the first cut off was disappearing into the distance fast...

    Would love to go back and give it another go next year.

    Epic midge bites have almost gone :)

  3. Red Bike, we aren't a club as such. But a very random set of riders that sometimes ride together.

    We do ride in the peaks quite often, and mainly through the winter with the darkandwhite winter Trailquest series. Maybe you could give that a go.



  4. Thanks Rone.

    I will keep an eye on the Trail Quest series; but I wont be entering unless I can find a partner who can map read.