Friday, 8 January 2010

Another Planet 2010

Okay so it's not quite Arthur C Clarke, but it's close enough for me.

When we get weather like this - it makes us reclusive but the reality is your missing some amazing sights. Things you may only see every 10-20 years. When the snow is this crisp, it does make for a hard workout too - with the front wheel being occasionally snagged! What is there not to like!

I took a tricky way home tonight, setting out as the sun was beginning to set and saw some fantastic contrast of light . I also struggled up some of the climbs - unlike the roads the forest are still pretty freshly covered which makes some of the regular paths into new challenges.
So the long and short is get out there, walking , riding or whatever - it's for the taking and you can still enjoy that cup of tea or fat meal all the more after the exercise.
Christmas was shared equally between cycling, running and walking - with the odd feeding session - but I think overall the balance was good and it's a great time to spend in the outdoors instead of sat inside bored to your skull of the same four walls.
Winter has never been so good.


  1. blogger palmer - not riding but doing homework because angus won't send me his to help me out

  2. blogger palmer can't work out how to do this