Saturday, 6 March 2010

Tim Palmer - 2007 shovel driving champion, lined up along multi Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell, this was as close as I made it to front of the pack. I was swiftly spat out of the back of this start group by the 1/4 mile point. I was then mown down by the next start group then promptly overtaken by a grand-dad in a bin bag! I was then run over by the women - all this happening on the 1st lap of the 3 mile run course. I was then overtaken by just about everyone on the 1/2 distance loop. I eventually ran the 6 miles in just over the hour mark. I left transition on the bike at about 1hr 4min to see the fast boys start their second 12.5 mile lap on the bikes. Bummer. Lap 1, ok, lots of bike traffic and making good progress which was nice after suffering at the hands of everyone including a bloke on a wooden leg! Lap 2, not bad, but the wind was more troublesome. The final 'run' was memorable, not too bad on the legs, but i had terrible 'stitch' whatever that is. I reckon i was last to finish in my group but at least I completed. Thanks to the support from Beeny Moo, Heather Small, Pete Flatfoot and to Byrone and Nic for hanging around until I made it back. Bad Tyrone for riding in 'transition' even though is was being dismantled - what a load of old of cack. I haven't got any photos of today's event, tok the camera but i'm too thick to remember to put the memory gizmo in. Thick.

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