Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Running - exercise of the devil

Still plodding on and training to up exercise regime. Main aim is to up distance (and endurance)...someway off that but getting there.

Have been doing regular turbos (2+ times a week, for an hour) and am now getting out for a ride on my actual bike in the evenings. Just need to slot at least one good longer ride in at weekends,then I am happy.

I've also been running again. After shinsplint episode, I rested 2 weeks and then found my good old foot arch supports and have been sticking to my 4 mile run and trying to run on the verge most of the time (when it's light anyway).

Ran last night. I enjoy the cross-training, the endorphin hit and being to get my HR up for 35-40mins easily...but f*ck me, running is horrible. I'll keep doing it...but I have no idea while people bother doing it all the time and especially why they do mad miles.

Angus, you're off your head.

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