Monday, 21 April 2008

Revolver G2 night rider Sat/Sun

Great event, I think we can all say we really enjoyed it. All of us had iffy first laps, perhaps the decision to do two laps at a time can be finally put to rest.

We came 12th, which wasn't a brilliant result be were all getting better throughout the night. I personally put my fastest lap in at the start but my second consecutive lap was poor.

See here for laps and results.

Weather stayed fair also, with a bit of misty rain in the morning.

Thanks to to Tom, Damian and Rupert for making up the Pitbikers Beta Team.


  1. Just for the avoidance of doubt: I reckon could have lapped in under 40mins each time - BUT YOU DESTROYED MY KNEES LAST WEEK :)

    Ps. really enjoyed it. Thanks all. Greta video.

  2. Yeah, I reckon I could have been faster if I hadn't had to make 'convenience' stops on my way round.

    Really enjoyed it though guys. Hopefully I won't be ill next time.