Sunday, 13 April 2008

Ride to Lincoln .... and back

8.00 start turned to 8.30 by the time Tom was dressed, Bison on time for a change. 4hrs was the target - ride out to Lincoln using old railway line near powerstation.

Rode out Clumber way and found a great new track near Bevercotes that led us to Tuxford.

A little bit of roading later we approached High Marnham and were faced with signs telling us to keep out - but the railway was very disused and begging us to ride it. Bison took on the challenge to find a way around - which involved navigating a field near the trent and climbing up an embankment. We eventually got on the bridge (see bison pic), which was tough going to start with but eventually turned into nice concrete cycle route 64 - that led us to Lincoln.

A quick stop for bad fish, chips and burger and then turnaround, retrace.

Total miles for Tom and I 60.5 (320mins), Bison had to do a little more - 72 miles. (390) mins.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting ride, which i really enjoyed for almost exactly the first 4 hours.

    Then my knee fell off and I got sulky.