Monday, 8 December 2008

Frosty Flux

Here is my report of the new flux, tested over this weekend.

My first ride today (Sat) I rode some tarmac, some fire road and plenty of singletrack. The great news is it feels like a flux to me but with a crisper back-end. Pedalling without some form of compression on the previous model felt a little sluggish - but the DW is great even with no pro-pedal. I would also say it feels stiffer and rides quicker, carving great through the tight stuff. On the ups (where I think the Turners are amazing) - it oozes grip and you feel you have more power without the bounce that you could sometimes feel getting out of the saddle.

(It was quite shocking on the road how hard-tail like it felt!)

I've yet to dial the shocks in properly and try any real fast downhill stuff but this is a great start. Oh and the bike feels a little heavier than the old flux with similar build - but feels quicker in the saddle.

Here is the link to my thread over at MTBR - even Dave Turner makes an appearance.

And here is stuff about the DW-link

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