Saturday, 3 January 2009

2008 ends with Dalby & Chips

2008 feels like a year of back-ache with bouts of decent riding; Alps in the summer, the new trails at Pines, the wet D2D, the epic 113 mile Lincoln plus ride - lots of solid memories.

To round the year off Bison and I ended up at Dalby on New Years Eve Eve and did the red route - quite challenging but plenty rideable. We finished the day at fish 'n chips shop in a nearby village.

It's been a strong December - with 327 miles of riding on my lap I feel like I've made use of the Christmas break and hope to come out of Winter with decent legs!

2009 for me is going to about properly sorting my back out (if I can) and lots of sub 3hr fast rides - with maybe the odd longer one thrown in. I also need to strip off some weight as my Wii fit is telling me I'm almost obese!

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