Wednesday, 18 February 2009

All quiet on the Eastern front...

So, I'm rambling through my 'training plan' for early 2009. Hmmm.

I say, 'plan', but it changes almost weekly. I guess (importantly) getting out on the bike at all is better than nothing.

So only did 200 miles in Jan, when I wanted to hit more than that. Snow didn't help, but I've finally (since last week) cracked and started turbo training again. It's dull as anything, but again, is bettet than nothing and I've found a few training sets that make things a bit more interesting. Gonna use Turbo specifically to build strength.

Goal until end of April is to drop (some of) my fat gut and build a good base. Will see how that goes. Crying out for some longer rides though - that will be the next goal...assuming I'm not out drinking too much :)

Diet side is going fine. Hard as it is as times. Craving stuff during the day, but being good. Gotta be worth it long run. Feel better for it - but interesting how cutting back has affecting energy levels. So it's a balance. All that 'everthing in moderation' stuff is true.

So big '09 goal has to be the TransWales which I loved last year. Other than that, hope to do a few other things. See how it shapes up.

Need to get together with the guys for some riding. But we all have different levels of availability and flexibilty - so it works when it works. Plus I enjoy the riding alone. Much less complicated.

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