Friday, 25 June 2010

Millau Viaduct

Millau Viaduct
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Waking up in Millau and a day ahead of schedule was a pretty good feeling. We headed straight over to the bridge and visitors centre which sits underneath. It's only when you get directly below you really appreciate how high it is. I took loads of photos and orcchestrasted a complex shot of us on the bikes riding underneath - easier said than done when in full biking gear and 30 degrees!


  1. Hi Guys, so what happened? Has the GPS with Alzheimer's kept you going around in circles? Did you get kidnapped by aliens? Or, were you lured off into the wild country of the Massif Central by the sound of duelling banjos???

    Hope you did all arrive home safely and you'll complete the picture run soon!

    The Scallies in Burgundy

  2. Hi Guys, sorry for not letting you know! We all got home fine, I guess the adventure was pretty much done and dusted after the millau, I got some great pictures and video and will try and send you a copy when it's done. I would have liked to have spent some time in the Massif though, what an amazing area!

    Give me the name of the website so I can put a decent review up for you.

    Thanks once again for your hospitality, all the other food we ate in France wasn't very good!!

    cheers, tyrone.

  3. a few more picks here.