Sunday, 1 August 2010

pig leg

having survived the 2010 etape - actually failing to survive - missing out on an official finish by 4minutes at the top of the final insanely long, hot, and steep climbs on the pyrennees. the day was fantastic, the views were immense and the support was ace, i just struggled with the heat - 35c mid-stage and the long long climbs. many non-finishers but at least i wasn't collected in the broom wagon.
since then i went and made a mess of one of my trotters. i rolled my ankle whilst not doing anything, bad sprain, now two weeks since i've been on the bike and only 3 weeks to go until lands end to john o'scrotes.
since etape, i had a pig lip, pig leg and now man flu. must get out and get ready for 1000miles in 5 days. jeez.

can't attach pig pics - this stupid idiot machine won't read the sd card with said pig pics on.

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