Monday, 30 August 2010

Lands End to John O'Groats via Lizard Point and Dunnet Head

The trip of a lifetime completed with little or no planning - no change there then.

Day1 - murder, 9pm start, after long train ride, fog and rain, mega mega climbing, 229miles, 22h50m out, 17h50m pedalling - destination cheddar gorge.

Day2 - 04:05am start after a wet night under canvas, cheddar gorge start after 1mile, 193 miles, 17h45m out, pedalling 15hr? - destination whitwell.

Day3 - 04:17am start, short night at home, good winds to start, later to turn against us making a killer day, 192miles, 18h48m out, pedalling 16.5hr? - destination Belford (South of Berwick)

Day4 - 05:10 start. Bad day. Headwind and bad knees. Edinburgh terrible. Bum drugs. Knee drugs. 122miles, out 14h5m, pedalling 12.5hrs? - destination Luncarty, North of Perth.

Day5 - 04:07am start. Fantastic day in the hills, a9, all the way. 175 miles, out 18h12m, pedalling 16hr? destination Helmsdale, not far to go!

Day6 - 05:02am start, short stint to finish. Dunnet Head worth the trip, gorgeous. J'OG, uninspiring 12:20pm. Out 7h20m, pedalling 6hr?

Total Distance 985miles
Elapsed Time 135hr20min (5d15h20m)
Trip Time 98hr58min (4d2h58m)
Pedalling time 84h53min (3d12h53m) - guesswork on daily hours after day1 - the cateye records in 10hr intervals, i lost track of this after the first day.
If we have gone the 'direct' route, we were inside 5 day time - after 120hrs elapsed time we had covered 888miles (direct route 874miles)
comedy write up to follow

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